Hustling Slot by Red Tiger Gaming


Hustling is a Red Tiger video slot introducing LA street culture. There are five reels, three rows and ten paylines that can be activated starting either from reel one or reel 5, going from left to right or right to left. Super Wilds appear on reels 1 and 5, both fully stacked. When you land a Super Wild, it automatically locks in place for a respin. Land both Super Wilds on the same spin for ten extra spins with the two wilds locked in place during the extra spins. It has a 95.69% RTP.

The super wild symbols play a crucial role in Hustling, as they replace regular pay symbols and trigger free spins. There are two symbols, each covering the entire reel. On the leftmost reel is the West Wild, while the East Wild appears only on the rightmost. When a Super Wild lands, it will lock for one spin.

Hustling Slot Bonus Features

Free Spins

Ten free spins are awarded when Super Wilds appear simultaneously on both reels. Each player picks a wild symbol – either West or East before they begin. Both wild symbols become locked in place during the bonus round with a multiplier of x1. The multiplier of a Super Wild increases by +1 when it is included in a win.

Free spins end when the chosen Super Wilds’ multiplier is higher than the non-chosen Super Wilds’ multiplier. +1 extra spin is awarded if the two multipliers are equal until one of the Super Wilds has the highest multiplier. +1 extra spin is awarded to this wild. The round ends if the chosen Super Wild has a lower multiplier. Finally, when both wild symbols appear on a winning line, their multipliers are multiplied by each other before being applied. Once free spins end, multipliers reset.


The game of Bingo originated in Italy in 1530 under the name “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” and was played every Saturday. The game was then moved to France in late 1770, called “Le Lotto”, and it became popular with wealthy Frenchmen. Initially known as Beano, it was renamed Bingo by a New York salesman.

The number on a US Bingo ticket is randomly selected from 75 possible numbers, whereas a UK Bingo ticket is randomly selected from 90 possible numbers. Online Bingo has become a popular form of entertainment in recent years, with many sites focusing only on Bingo and offering a variety of variants with fantastic bonuses.

Bingo is a popular game because it is easy to play, has no learning curve, and is a simple luck-based game that the whole family can enjoy.

Different Online Bingo Games

75 Ball Bingo

Each square has a number in this Bingo variant except for the centre square, which is “Free.” One line prizes are awarded based on all the numbers’ vertical, horizontal or diagonal placement.

90 Ball Bingo

There are three rows and nine columns on the 90 Ball Bingo tickets, making this form of Bingo the most popular in the UK. Three prizes are available in 90 Ball Bingo: a 1 line prize, a 2 line prize, and a full house prize.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

The game is similar to regular 90-ball Bingo. This game got its inspiration from the famous British game show Deal or No Deal, in which players choose a numbered box at the beginning. Bingo variants such as this one can be won by completing one line, two lines, the full house or the Deal or No Deal Feature. To win the Deal or No Deal Feature, players must decide whether they want to win the jackpot or the prize hidden in the box they select at the beginning.

Dragons of Fortune


Dragons of Fortune is a fiery slot by Synot Games. It offers 243-win ways across five reels and has an RTP of 96.04%. Here Dragons, of Fire, Ice and other elements join forces to bring you an immersive gaming experience filled with fantasy and a maximum win of up to 10000x for bets ranging from 0.20 to 100.00. Choose your Free Spins and enter the Kingdom with your Dragon, where he unleashes his powers to multiply your winnings on mobile devices and desktops.

Dragons of Fortune Special Features

The theme of Dragons of Fortune is that of fantasy and Dragons featuring five different dragons, each encompassing unique features and elements of risk.

Dragons of Fortune has the usual Wild symbol appearing on reels 2,3, and 4 transforming all other symbols bar the Scatter to create a winning pay line; added to this is the Scatter, landing 3 Scatters symbols will trigger the tantalizing Free Spins round. Select your Dragon, and you receive one of the following options:

  • 25 Free Spins with a max 5x Multipliers

  • 20 Free Spins with a max 8x Multipliers

  • 15 Free Spins with a max 10x Multipliers

  • 13 Free Spins with a max 15x Multipliers

  • 10 Free Spins with a max 20x Multipliers

Each option transports players to a realm that corresponds with the Dragons elements. It is also possible to re-trigger, allowing you to select a Dragon and reel in some lucrative wins. Dragons of Fortune also has a Gamble Feature which could double your winnings should you choose the correct cards.


Dragons of Fortune provides easy gameplay. This online video slot game caters to players of all experience levels. It’s a medium-high volatility slot with sufficient gameplay features to entertain the most ardent slot players in this nail-biting journey.


Known as the “small wheel” in French, Roulette is thought to have evolved from the Italian game Biribi. Played on a wheel with a small ball, it’s a gambling game in which players bet on the red or black compartments.

A wheel is spun in the opposite direction, with pockets corresponding to the wheel. During a game of Roulette, participants may bet on a single number, a variety of groups of numbers, the colour red, the number black, and even or odd numbers.

How to Play Roulette

  • Bets are made at the beginning of a roulette game.
  • As the roulette wheel spins, the croupier (or dealer) throws a ball into it. Bets can still be placed while this happens.
  • The croupier/dealer announces: “No more bets” as the ball rolls around the roulette wheel.
  • After that point, players cannot place bets
  • Roulette wheels have numbers on them that the ball lands on. If a winner bet on the number, section, or color, they will receive the payout according to their betting odds.

Some Facts about Roulette

There are many things players aren’t aware of about Roulette, even though it is an ancient game.

  • Some refer to the roulette wheel (both the 0 and 00 versions) as the “Devil’s Wheel”. In the Bible, this number is known as the “number of the beast” because its numbers add up to 666.
  • Despite numerous theories, no one knows where Roulette came from. According to its name, Blaise Pascal is usually credited with inventing it. Others claim a bored French monk invented it. It has been speculated that it originated from the English game Roly Poly.
  • Cheating was once a common practice in Roulette. To beat the house, cheaters used magnetic balls and rigged wheels. Cheating at Roulette is practically impossible nowadays.