The game of Backgammon is an ancient Persian board game. It is reported that the entire design of the Backgammon board represents the year. How so? Twelve months, in this case, the 12 triangles, thirty days in a month, thirty tokens, and a week that sums the highest and lowest dice scores are contained within a year.

The objective is to make all the checkers move clockwise around a board and get them off the triangle before your opponent does.

Playing Backgammon

Backgammon Boards have 24 triangles, 12 for each player, and these triangles alternate colours. There are two groups of points called the Home and Outer Boards. There are 15 tokens placed at predetermined locations, and the objective of the game is for the players to move all 15 tokens safely to their home board.

Blots are Points with just a single checker on them, and they move to the middle bar when an opposing player hits their token against one. You will learn more and more about Backgammons terminology and strategy the more you play and learn.

Backgammon’s most popular variants

Many people have tried to master Backgammon, but the game has many variants that it is impossible to master. Here are a few popular Backgammon variants:

  • Russian Backgammon – Unlike other backgammon games, Russian Backgammon is a race where players move their checkers in the same direction from the same table.
  • Live Backgammon
  • Acey-Deucy – A special feature of Acey-Deucey is a roll of 1 and 2 (acey-deucey). The player who rolls it gets an extra turn.
  • Hypergammon – Rather than 15 checkers per side, Hypergammon starts with just three checkers.


Backgammon is yet another online casino game you can play from the comfort of your own home, just like Chess or Poker. There are many strategies involved in Backgammon.

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