Big Six Wheel

A popular casino game known for its Wheel of Fortune connection, Big Six or Big Six Wheel is a favourite of many players. An equal number of segments are divided into a wheel marked with symbols or numbers. On the surface, it looks simple, but there is much more to it than simply selecting numbers. The game is basically a Casino Wheel Game with six possible outcomes and a total of 54 segments, and as it’s a game of pure luck, it has a higher house edge than most other casino games.

Big Six: How To Play

In addition to being known as Big Six, Lucky Wheel, Big Wheel, and Money Wheel, Wheel of Fortune is also known as Wheel of Fortune. As soon as your stake is placed, the wheel begins to spin. A wheel can stop on 54 segments with six different values. According to your game choice, two segments include a Joker or a logo among the 54 segments. These rarely land, so their payouts are higher.

A piece of rubber marks the winning segment at the end of the wheel, and the player’s total bet is multiplied by the number you bet on. So if you bet on 2, you get paid 2x your stake. The payout for a red and blue bet is 10x, a green and purple bet is 20x, and a black and white joker bet is higher.


It is essential to set a budget for every casino game you play and stick to it. It’s important to have fun when playing online games, regardless of whether you win or lose, since it’s all about luck because it requires no skill.

The Big Six wheel game can normally be found in the Live Dealer Casino section of online casinos.

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