Playing craps, or Seven-Eleven is a popular casino game played at land-based and online casinos where bets are placed on the outcomes of two dice. During this game, players get to wager money on each other or against the bank. It is a very sociable game, and most Craps tables at casinos in Las Vegas and Macau will usually have a crowd of people around them and a lot of shouting going on.

Where does the name Craps come from?

Since it requires very little equipment, it is called craps, and “street craps*” could be played even in informal settlements since all it takes is a pair of dice. The name craps is believed to have originated around this time because people played the game crouched on the floor or sidewalk due to the French word “crapaud”, meaning “toad”.

How do you Play Craps?

A dice game, craps is a simple casino game that can be intimidating to beginners because the numbers, bets and terminology can be confusing. Shooters throw the dice first, which is known as the come-out roll. Whenever the shooter rolls the dice, three possible outcomes appear on the screen:


Natural means the roll’s result is either 7 or 11, so you win and can roll again.


You lose if you roll a 2, known as Snake Eyes, 3 or 12. You can, however, roll again.


You rolled 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. In the hope of hitting the same number again, the players must roll the dice again. If this happens, you win, and you don’t have to use the same combination of dice, just the number.

In case you’re wondering, the sequence above lacks a 7. This is because it’s not a lucky number, and if you roll a 7, you’re “seven out”, and your betting round is over.

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