As some state lotteries offer Keno as a game, it’s often compared to lottery games. A Random Number Generator is used to draw numbers from a pool of numbers for the rapid draw game.

The word Keno comes from Latin and French roughly translated, and its origins date back to the Han Dynasty in China. “5 numbers to win” is what it means. It was called a “white dove ticket” in the 19th Century because white doves carried the results from the city to smaller villages when the game was held.

Keno is also the subject of a legendary story. The game is credited with saving a city during the war in the story. Keno was also credited with raising funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Keno rules

Like Bingo, players select 1 to 10 numbers from a given table, ranging from 1 to 80. Using a random number generator, 20 numbers are drawn after a player chooses their ten numbers. For a player to win, they must match at least three numbers; however, the more they match, the higher their payout.

Keno Tips for Winning

To help you win at Keno, you should play at reputable online casinos to ensure you receive any winnings you get. Take advantage of casino bonuses to make your bankroll go further and even play for free first until you understand how the game of Keno works.


The rules of Keno are straightforward, and the game is fast and fun to play. Keno is very similar to Bingo and other lottery-style games where you bet on specific numbers.

Even though online casinos typically offer only one or two versions of the game, it appeals to millions of passionate players worldwide. Keno remains the most popular game at online casinos and has grown in popularity.

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