Known as the “small wheel” in French, Roulette is thought to have evolved from the Italian game Biribi. Played on a wheel with a small ball, it’s a gambling game in which players bet on the red or black compartments.

A wheel is spun in the opposite direction, with pockets corresponding to the wheel. During a game of Roulette, participants may bet on a single number, a variety of groups of numbers, the colour red, the number black, and even or odd numbers.

How to Play Roulette

  • Bets are made at the beginning of a roulette game.
  • As the roulette wheel spins, the croupier (or dealer) throws a ball into it. Bets can still be placed while this happens.
  • The croupier/dealer announces: “No more bets” as the ball rolls around the roulette wheel.
  • After that point, players cannot place bets
  • Roulette wheels have numbers on them that the ball lands on. If a winner bet on the number, section, or color, they will receive the payout according to their betting odds.

Some Facts about Roulette

There are many things players aren’t aware of about Roulette, even though it is an ancient game.

  • Some refer to the roulette wheel (both the 0 and 00 versions) as the “Devil’s Wheel”. In the Bible, this number is known as the “number of the beast” because its numbers add up to 666.
  • Despite numerous theories, no one knows where Roulette came from. According to its name, Blaise Pascal is usually credited with inventing it. Others claim a bored French monk invented it. It has been speculated that it originated from the English game Roly Poly.
  • Cheating was once a common practice in Roulette. To beat the house, cheaters used magnetic balls and rigged wheels. Cheating at Roulette is practically impossible nowadays.

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